New Customer Information

It’s important to begin good grooming habits for Dogs & Cats
at a young age if possible.

Grooming gets them used to things like bathing, drying, brushing, combing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. This also sets a good foundation for the overall wellness of your pet. The added benefits of grooming for owners are less hair and less dander in your home environment.

Call or stop in to set up an appointment at your convenience. We will then consult on type of groom as well as maintenance upon meeting you.  At the time of the appointment, drop off your pet and we will call you when the groom has been completed to arrange the pick up of your pet. Average stylish grooms take 2 to 4 hours.

Other information that we may request is:
Veterinarian information (regarding shots),
Special Health Needs for your particular pet,
pets likes and dislikes.